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Brother Brutus – MidHammer 40K

Brother Brutus 40K - A MidHammer (5th-Edition) Warhammer 40,000 Fan Site
5th-Edition Battle-Reports, Unofficial 5th-Edition Codices, Articles, Reviews, Fiction, and More!

Welcome to Brother Brutus’s “MidHammer” WH40K website, and thanks for visiting! There are other MiddleHammer and OldHammer WH40K websites out there – check out the Links page to peruse them as well.

The generally-accepted definition of “MiddleHammer 40,000” is 3rd-Edition WH40K through 7th-Edition WH40K. In the case of the player who operates this website, he and his friends play 5th Edition WH40K. For more information on why we play 5th-Edition WarHammer 40K, please see the About page.

Here you’ll find a showcase of 5th-Edition Warhammer 40,000 battle-reports, articles, reviews, commentary, and 5th-Edition-era fan-fiction. This site will also feature new and revised codices for factions such as the Squats/Demiurg, Hrud, Slann, and others. Lastly, this site will be a repository of 3D-printing projects such as custom terrain, miniatures for new and unofficial 40K factions, etc.

This non-commercial fan-site is entirely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop, PLC. No infringement on Games Workshop’s rights and/or intellectual properties is intended.